Reaching the Unreached  

(Based on the Scripture Isaiah 58:1-11)


Every Friday Morning 9am to 12pm our Titus Faith Ministries churches conduct the fasting prayer. In all the fasting prayers our Titus Faith Ministries pastors share the word of god and pray for the sick and suffering people.

And also we pray for the nation, peace of the world, and various Christian organizations, churches, orphanages and their needs.


I urge then first of all, that requests, prayers, intercessions and thanksgiving be made for everyone. This is good, and pleases god our Savior (1Timothy 2:1-3)

Titus Faith Ministries 100 believers indulge in round the clock prayer service for the prayer requests given to them god has performed thousands of miracles in the daily life of our church believers, church ministry and unbelievers through this prayers service.



They are joined together constantly in prayer (Acts 1:14)


T.F.M has 10 prayer cells

  • David prayer cell

  • Cornelius prayer cell

  • Jacob prayer cell

  • Hannah prayer cell

  • Daniel prayer cell

  • Esther prayer cell

  • Gilgal prayer cell

  • Ruth prayer cell

  • Deborah prayer cell

  • Paul prayer cell


Each prayer warrior has given the details of 10 families and is assigned to pray for these families everyday. monthly once the prayer warriors gather to praise god for His miracles.


(Based on scripture Matthew 26:36-45, 1Thesslonians 5:17- Pray without ceasing)


Every last day of the month Titus Faith Ministries conducts whole night prayer between 10pm-5am. We praise god through songs, and we share testimonies, share the word of god, at the end we divide all the people in small groups to pray for their needs.


Titus Faith Ministries youths are divided into 2 groups. Gilgal is meant for Boys.


(Based On Psalms 131:1)


Every 2nd Sunday evening Gilgal meetings are conducted. In every Gilgal meetings Titus Faith Ministries Director preaches the Gods word. At the end we pray for the entire Prayer Requests.




Hannah Prayer Group is conducted for Titus Faith Ministries Girls.


(Based on Acts 1:14)


Every 4th Sunday evening Hannah prayer Group is conducted.
Various women preachers will come and preach in Hannah prayer Group,
followed by Prayer session.